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Area Rugs

Area rugs are an excellent option for people seeking to cover their floors but wishing to avoid carpeting for one reason or another. Bare floors are cold both in their appearance and in how they feel on your feet. An area rug provides all of the benefits of carpeting with additional advantages like easier cleaning and replacement when necessary. Aesthetically, they’re much more interesting than carpeting because they typically feature intricate designs, textured weaving, and stylish patterns.

Some homeowners choose area rugs for their living rooms; placing them under the coffee table or in front of the couch. When used in a central spot like this in the middle of a living room, an area rug brings the room together and makes it complete. When the TV isn’t on, your area rug will function as the room’s focal point and main conversation piece. 

Having several smaller rugs in a room can make vacuuming difficult and time consuming. Multiple rugs make more work when you have to move furniture. Area rugs make cleaning easy because you can move a couch or table without having the entire rug slide around.

We can help you custom design area rugs with specific colors, patterns, and materials; leaving you with the exact area rug you’ve envisioned in your TV room or den. For a point of reference, see the selection in our showroom; you’ll find traditional oriental varieties and more modern ones with flowers, paisley patterns, shapes, and designs.

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